My passion for fashion started watching my mother design and sew my pretty dresses in her Singer sewing machine. Her talent inspired me to a devoted life to fashion.

Starting in my early 20's, I would buy wholesale apparel, alter them to my style and market them in homes and offices in New York. I also loved to coordinate fashion shows to introduce young talented designers at nightclubs and event venues.

My experience as production manager at fashion and jewelry manufacturers in New York
cultivated my talent for fashion style, jewelry design and expertise for the famous method of fabric pleating known as 'French Plisse', also widely known as 'Crinkles', which my collection specializes in; chic and trendy styles that were a success in New York.

My relocation to my beautiful island of Puerto Rico gives me the opportunity to introduce my chic styles to the savvy women of the island. In my home boutique I serve as fashion consultant to many satisfied, very chic and trendy dressed friends and customers.

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